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Fishing Contest Reporting Instructions for New Permit Types (A, B, C and D)

These reporting instructions apply to the fishing contest permits issued under the updated Section 230 fishing contest permitting regulations effective July 1, 2023, e.g., permit types:

  • Type A: Contests targeting black bass with more than 60 anglers. No more than one Type A permit shall be issued for any water on the same day. Contests held under a Type A permit may not exceed three days in duration.
  • Type B: Contests targeting black bass with 60 or fewer anglers. Contests may not exceed three days in duration; limit three Type B permits per date per water.
  • Type C (Catch & Release): Contests targeting black bass in which anglers do not retain fish for a centralized weigh-in. These contests require the angler to immediately release all live fish caught after recording weight or measurement. May exceed three days in duration and may be conducted on multiple water bodies concurrently. Does not limit the number of anglers.
  • Type D (Other): Contests not targeting black bass. May exceed three days in duration and be conducted on multiple waters concurrently

If your permit was issued before July 1, 2023 under the previous fishing contest permitting regulations, please submit your contest report through the Black Bass Contest Reporting Form or email your report to See the Fishing Contests, Tournaments and Derbies web page for more details.

For questions, please contact

Reporting Instructions for Permit Types A-D Issued Under the Updated Section 230 Regulations (permits approved after July 2, 2023)

To submit a Fishing Contest Report, you need to be a registered user on CDFW's data portal and be logged in.

Once you are logged in, a link titled "Submit Fishing Contest Report" will display on the left navigation bar of the Fishing Contest pages.

If you do not have an CDFW account, visit Create Account to create an account. After you register, log in and load the Fishing Contest home page to see the "Submit Fishing Contest Report" link

To retain a copy of your submission, "Print" the final webpage after you enter your contest details.

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