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California Heritage and Wild Trout Program

California Heritage and Wild Trout Program was established in 1971 by the California Fish and Game Commission (CFGC) to protect and enhance quality trout fisheries sustained by wild strains of trout. It was expanded to highlight native trout species and is now the Heritage and Wild Trout Program.

Fish and Game code requires the CDFW to conduct statewide inventories of trout streams and lakes, determine the most suitable angling regulations for each stream and lake, conduct ongoing evaluations of angling regulations, and manage and monitor CFGC designated Heritage and Wild Trout Waters.

These data represent ongoing efforts to conduct resource assessment of cold water fisheries and their habitats across the state. They are used to inform and enhance CDFW decision-making, provide the basis for implementation of fishery and basin-wide management plans, and evaluate angling regulations.

* Data below is provisional, "as is" and subject to revision over time

Wild trout resource assessment: direct observation survey data 1994-2012

Wild trout resource assessment: depletion electrofishing survey data 1975-2012

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